Environmentally Friendly Decontamination for Healthcare, Commercial and Residential Applications

The most powerful solutions for the eradication of viruses, mold spores and bacteria.
Reducing the spread of disease in Hospitals, Schools, Offices and Homes.

Phoenix Restoration now provides full service bio-decontamination services with mobile teams providing emergency, scheduled and preventative response. Our process delivers a 6-log (99.9999) microbial kill. Phoenix Restoration uses proprietary Activated Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide technology to provide the highest efficacy available in bacteria, virus and spore eradication. The technology we employ was originally developed to effectively decontaminate weaponized biological agents such as Anthrax thus making for a reliable and confidence building solution for Health Care Facilities to combat infectious disease. – A summary of capabilities can be found in the DHS “Guide for the Selection of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Decontamination Equipment for Emergency First Responders” (2nd Edition, March 2007) One of the most exciting aspects of Phoenix Restoration is the ability to combine the most powerful pathogen eradication treatment available today in a completely green and environmentally friendly solution.

At Phoenix Restoration, our services are primarily designed to assist industries that are required to control infectious disease or spores that are either airborne or on surfaces. Such as the following:


Isolation & Patient Rooms
Urgent Care
Surgery Centers
Dialysis Centers


Research facilities & Labs
Pharmaceutical Production
Clean Rooms




Mold remediation
Category 3 Water Damage

Phoenix Restoration is also the ideal solution for companies and organizations that have high traffic flow and are at increased risk of passing pathogens from high-touch surfaces and airborne contamination. Beneficial for organizations that need to keep sick days or “down time” to a minimum. For example:


Class rooms
Gymnasium bleachers
Locker rooms
Wrestling mats






Workout facilities & equipment
Movie theaters
Concert venues
Public events with portable toilets

In addition to Medical, Industrial and Commercial applications, our decontamination services are available and extremely effective for a variety of Residential applications including mold remediation and odor such as cigarette smoke and light fire residue as well as skunk odor removal. Phoenix Restoration’s unique and innovative AIHP (Activated Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide) treatments treat the environment in a quick and efficient way so that property owner’s can re-habitate the premises in as short as 15 minutes time, thereby eliminating frustrating out-of-home inconvenience and costs.

Therefore Phoenix Restoration can also provide service for:

  • Residential treatment in preparation for patients hospital release
  • Pre- or post hospice care
  • Mold
  • Cimex lectularius (Bed Bugs)
  • Sterile home environment for chemo patient or at home dialysis patient